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Allan Rankine, UK I see the marbles are about equally split between Athens and London, so it makes sense that all of them should be in one place - London. Why not fill the British Museum with British treasures. There are no Elgin Marbles. Stop the self-flagellation and 'mea culpas'. Perhaps their place in the British Museum could be taken by stuffed colonials, as an indication of how the country used to be.

Lord Elgin's motives were noble and his deeds preserved the marbles for us to enjoy. Nikos Katinas, Greece Why does Britain insist on keeping them.

When Saddam Hussein briefly occupied Kuwait, if he had given away that country's crown jewels, would Kuwait have got them back. Satu, England They should only be returned once a suitable museum has been built to house these remarkable works of ancient art Mark, UK Yes, the Parthenon Marbles should definitely be returned.

The best place for the Elgin Marbles is in the British Museum, where million of people obtain for free an outstanding educational experience. NatalieUK No, they shouldn't - get over it and move on.

As to housing them in a suitable museum, nothing can make up for the centuries of neglect the marbles received at the hands of the Byzantines and Turks.

Be proud that the UK has done this great service to mankind. I'm not saying it was right for the Ottomans to sell them in the first place, but would the marbles still be around today in their present form, had they not been housed in London all this time.

Very little, if any, of the art in the British Museum falls into the latter category and the Elgin Marbles certainly don't. Hoarding riches and valuables from other countries is mere greed and goes well with the 'Rule Britannia' mentality.

Out of nowhere, I started sensing He was calling me into ministry. So who will pay for the 'fair' solution. Everybody struggles at some point, and though we cannot always control our circumstances, we can control our attitude and our faith.

Should the Greek state collapse and an independent Athens re-emerge then I guess there might be some legitimacy to the request to return the statues providing that they still have the title deeds somewhere. It is time to make amends. Anyway, other countries have stolen loads of stuff off us and they don't have to give it back, why should we?.

Should the Elgin Marbles be returned to Greece. Original artefacts should be returned to and remain in their country of origin if it is safe for them to do so.

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Peter, Australia When you say "taken" by the British ambassador I take that means stolen. Museums around the world exhibit articles that are from other countries, and would arguably be better viewed in the context of that country. Apart from a persistent colonial mentality among some of those who are responsible for looking after cultural artefacts, the British Museum must be quite worried about the potential for claims from other countries that were looted during the British Empire.

You are our only salvation. If that was the case, let us send the Marbles, as well as any other museum piece to China, where more than 5 billion people can visit them. After multiple surgeries of tissue removal, artificial skin placement, and skin grafts, I was released just over three months later.

When you see it like that, this seems like a pretty silly and petulant request. Craig, England Return the marbles and everything else that has been taken from tombs, palazzos, dig sites etc.

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This would be the worst harvest on record. Britain has a marvellous opportunity to return them for the Olympics and to win the admiration of the world. Mondoni Gianmarco, Italy If the British Museum returned all artefacts that have been stolen or looted, it would be empty.

He has been arrested twice since returning to the country By special correspondents in Plumtree and Harare 6: On the "moral" front, present-day Greeks cannot claim to have anything more to do with the glorious ancients that anyone else.

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Mar 11,  · Mr Matt: SoundCloud: Instagram: Contact: [email protected] Free. MrMattattack - Twitch. Jun 07,  · In his first interview with a British newspaper since returning to Zimbabwe two weeks ago, Mr Tsvangirai said he would defy intimidation and go on campaigning for the June 27 election.

Mr Matt Mapanzure problems created by tax havens and non-cooperative jurisdiction for the United Kingdom (UK) experienced by Her Magistrate Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The discussion will also underpin the framework of tax evasion and avoidance analysing how companies and individual manipulate tax regimes for their own benefits.

Mr Venezilos would do better to concentrate on the issue of the Parthenon itself, being slowly but unceasingly destroyed by Greek motor pollution, than on the friezes acquired by Lord Elgin when the state of Greece didn't actually exist.

Mr matt mapanzure
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