Writing a letter of request for a raise

Friendly letters make friends, so write your request letters in a friendly way as if you are talking to your real friend or an old acquaintance. Support is another key word.

Well, there is always a proper pattern or layout for writing any kind of letter. The email can simply start with "Dear Mr. A recommendation letter increases your chances to get the required opportunity.

How to write a salary increase letter to ask your boss for a raise

Requested Amount In another paragraph, write the specific amount you are requesting. After my first six months, I was given the scheduling responsibilities for my entire department, which I really love. See tips on writing persuasive business letters for more details.

Your request letter should show your politeness in the letter. I would be really thankful if my efforts can be acknowledged and you can be sure that it can only result in utmost dedication to my job. As inflation comes on, I do hope my pay rise request will be in tandem with the rising cost of living.

Be specific about your needs. I have put a lot of hard work to improve our products [or services] and I still have a wealth of ideas at my disposal. Request letter should not be lengthy and did not include long stories it should be precise and to the point. I believe that I have proven myself with good sales figures for the past six months.

A person in his position could afford that, and… he was not requesting anything: To ask for donations, specific or otherwise. My request bares a personal aspect but nonetheless can be justified by business means in a longer run. Tell the employee early on in the letter that you appreciate the work he does and maybe even list some specifics you like about his work.

This letter should include the proper identification of the applicant. Be realistic with your congregation about just how much everything will cost. All these points will help you to accept your request letter by the company. Samples of request letters Below you will find a few examples of request letters for different occasions.

I hope that you will give me a positive response. Like you a part an organisation or firm form a long time and you did not get any kind of appraisals by the company so you need to show your presence and request them for raise your post or pay.

I would really like the opportunity to discuss this with you. State facts, not perceptions.


Special event and project letters can help your church reach its goals while informing the congregation about upcoming events. Use this request letter sample to request a meeting with your boss to discuss the possibility of getting a raise. This letter justifies the request by listing the reasons that make the candidate eligible for a raise.

How to Write a Letter Declining a Salary Increase

If you are writing a letter to get a raise or a promotion, make a humble request. Your tone should not sound like a demand. State your qualifications and then make a reasonable request.

You should back up your application by writing about your performance and achievements only. How to write a sample letter request for working overtime with pay #32 Will on 21, Oct, at am I used your letter as a basis for my raise request and I received almost a 25% raise.

The article provides two samples and templates on asking for a raise in writing. Pay Raise Request Letter – Templates. Here is a suggested template to use: Drawing attention to the fact that you work in your team and company.

Continue by saying that you wish to request a meeting. Either way, when you do get a raise it is a good idea to thank your boss for it, by sending a simple thank you letter or a note to her/him.

Not only is it a good etiquette, it also shows your boss that you truly appreciate the fact that you have been rewarded for your work. Asking for a raise takes careful timing, and doing so when your company isn’t doing well makes it more likely you’ll be turned down.

Laura Lieff, president of Accentuating Service, says that a stronger economy may signal a good time to ask for a raise, especially if your industry is also doing better.

Writing a letter of request for a raise
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Write persuasive request letters: business letter format, samples and tips